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Jesus tells us to, 'pray without becoming weary.' (Luke 18,1).

With this in mind we have decided to join together as a 'living Rosary' wherever we are for 24 hours on certain days in order to pray for peace in our country, in Europe, in the world, and for the great intentions of the 'Lady of All Nations'.

24 Hours for Mary
If you want to pray with us, you’ll find the list below to sign up. Just pick a time slot (or more !) that you are willing to dedicate to Our Lady by praying the Holy Rosary. That’s how we will create a living chain of prayer on these specific days. It’s so simple: sign your name up and you will be added to the list. When the day is over your data will be deleted and then you can sign up to pray again. You also have the possibility to sign up for the same time every week.

Thank you for helping Our Lady through your prayer, so that she can help us in these difficult times.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us:
Thursday, May 25th 2017
00:00 Sign upHelene van der HeijdenHeidemarie FeixMevr. van Dijk Sanders Elisabeth Pfister
+ 1
00:30 Sign upHeidemarie FeixMargrit Weber   
01:00 Sign upOlga S.Martina FeldRon Kaiser  
01:30 Sign upRitaRon Kaiser   
02:00 Sign upJohanna Bader Anna Maria Pahl   
02:30 Sign upClaudia S. Matthew Francesca 3 children
03:00 Sign upHildegund ChallShirleyJozef MalindraClaudia S. 
03:30 Sign upGlenna Tania Padellaro
04:00 Sign upSopoligová VeronikaFrantiška Hrinová   
04:30 Sign upRettenberger ElisabethEsterSopoligová Veronika Andrea Bauernschmitt
05:00 Sign upAntonia RiesEsterMaria Petru Brigitte Hanke
05:30 Sign upGisela HeinemannInge Maria HöselAlojz+ 2
06:00 Sign upAnnemarie SimmendingerGabriele KoglerValentin Kerschbaumer P.H.Oesterle+ 20
06:30 Sign upKarl- Heinz MühlbergerFrau UrbanReinhold BergMonika 
07:00 Sign upKarl- Heinz MühlbergerMARY DAASCHStmMechthild+ 4
07:30 Sign upAndrea HeßmannMaria Neururer Sonja Juen
Helga Mittermair 
08:00 Sign upRenate und Hans HerbingenTess A. EmíliaPasqualina Gellmini+ 2
08:30 Sign upCäcilieSiegmund RiemerGisela SchelbTheresia Grieger+ 3
09:00 Sign upSiegmund Riemer Petra Rpos
09:30 Sign upRosenkranzgruppe SchwazFatima Gebetsgruppe LeutershausenChristoph Kanduth  
10:00 Sign upGabriellaEddy und Loretta BugaySchranz KathrinAmelia Patruno 
10:30 Sign upUrsula W.Heidi StampfliSr Ester, MDR e Ospiti della Casa di rip Magdaléna Š.
11:00 Sign upGriselda Inge L
Ansgar u.Herta Leber
Magdaléna Š.
+ 1
11:30 Sign upAstner KathiRosemarie Ilse
12:00 Sign upElisabeth StabelbiancaHerr LüthiLadislav + 3
12:30 Sign upAngela K. Teresa Kim
Elisa Gerarda
13:00 Sign upRosenkranzkapelleCarmen Br. Gary Charles
13:30 Sign up Václav Chládek
Petra Roos
14:00 Sign upAnnaGerda BeckerBartková Paulína  
14:30 Sign upRiedl Ingrid Christine A.
Franz A.
Tania Padellaro
15:00 Sign upBirgit WunderlingnisyangSiegmund RiemerJunghild Grün+ 3
15:30 Sign upBirgit WunderlingSiegmund RiemerJunghild GrünEva Maria Egger+ 3
16:00 Sign upMaggioni GiannaChrista Kowol Han en Ruth de Goede
16:30 Sign upAnna Grecorod. Čajová NR   
17:00 Sign upPaula H. Anna HeidingsfelderSr. Waltraud ZounekLadislav + 2
17:30 Sign upOtt Ilse und HansMária Vlasturčiaková   
18:00 Sign upChrista FloriIna Maria S. MüllerBernhard PohlkötterGertrud Heller+ 3
18:30 Sign upAntonia KerschbaumerFrank Carola Anbetungsgruppe Maria Straßengel
19:00 Sign upMonika Marie ZuckmannBožena M. Packová Elfriede Steiner und Familie
Legion Mariens – Präsidium Oberlaa & PAH
19:30 Sign upSavia Bettina u. Christian,Imst
Petra Roos
Mary E
20:00 Sign upAumayr CharlotteMária Malindrová Clemens
Marta Č.
20:30 Sign upWolfgang WächterAgataAndreasJulia Maria+ 2
21:00 Sign upHildegardaGruppoVSSDoris SchudaNada Krvavac+ 1
21:30 Sign upDoris SchudaFriedbert SchäferRenate Di Matteo Vendelin Sk 
22:00 Sign upM.Ch.Evelin Willhöft Magdalena AngrickM.+ F. Weikl+ 1
22:30 Sign upDaniela M.Barbara Mainkajosefina lenz  
23:00 Sign upMartin GJohn Wilson & Gudrun Korell-WilsonFrau FeiksAnica Grgic+ 1
23:30 Sign upRitaCarla C.Rebecca Elschker Rebecca Elschker + 3